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The Legend of Arron of the Black Forest

A new barbarian for a new generation from

The New York Times best-selling author Philip Athans

and veteran storyteller Mel Odom

with stunning cover art by Keith Birdsong

Born in the frost-covered boglands of the Black Forest, Arron is the last surviving member of a once proud people.

When the cruel agents of the faceless Heteronomy, a “civilized” empire from far to the south, came to raid the ancient magic of the Twelve Tribes, war was inevitable. Separated from his war party, wounded, hunted, Arron lay, as if dead, beneath the magic-infused bogs of the taiga. Who know how much time passed before he woke to find his family, his tribe, his forest home—his whole world—entombed in a thousand-foot glacier summoned by the Heteronomy’s powerful magi.

Turned away from his frozen homeland, Arron rode south seeking vengeance.  He is a warrior, a man used to fighting for what he needs, and what he needs—at least at first—is the blood of . . . who?

There is no one man to kill, no single king or captain. The Heteronomy is millions strong, a heartless bureaucracy that has already forgotten the Twelve Tribes of the Black Forest.

All that’s left for Arron is an entire world to explore, a life to create, a home to discover. And all he has to conquer that world are his strong arms, his barbarian’s ways, and his savage heart.

Available now for the Kindle!

The Haunting of Dragon’s Cliff, the first book in the series that chronicles the struggles of Arron of the Black Forest, is available now for the Kindle for only $2.99!

And Coming Soon . . .

Coming Soon!

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